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In the Late 90’s , a group of outdoor enthusiast from Davao City saw some local boys riding a raft made from the body of a banana plant downstream in the white water of ¬†Cebulan River. Amazed by the kids they do the same thing using interior tire tube of a Ten Wheeler Truck and found out that it was Fun and called it White Water Tubing. As days pass by, it became popular to adventure/outdoors men who seeks thrill in the waters as an alternative to rafting ¬†which is more expensive and this days, it is one of the Eco-tourism Activity the Municipality of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur can offer to its visitors.

Recently I have guest from Manila namely Carolyn Joy Carmelo, Lesley Chong, Caressa Mohamad, Ellaine Santos and Gilbert Go who did the White Water activity,,,,,,,,here are some photos of their adventure which they will remember for a lifetime,,,,,,


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