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Mt. Apo, is the highest is the highest mountain in the Philippines with an elevation of  3144 Meters above sea level, known to be the  Grand Father of all Philippine Mountains every Filipino mountaineers dream.

Of all the trails going towards the summit, Tamayong Trail is considered the Toughest and is built for those courageous mountaineers, backpackers and adventurers who are willing to endure a long and very technical jungle trail before reaching the summit.

This trail starts in Sitio Sicao, Tamayong Davao City where ideally spending the first night at a local village inhabited by Bagobo-Dyangan Tribe where you can hire porters.

This trail offers sceneries and views different from other existing ones like in  Kapatagan, Sta. Cruz and Kidapawan.

One of its best feature is that you will be able to reach the summit of Mt. Talomo with an elevation of 2,240 MASL where you see its mossy forest  and lush vegetation. This mountain is Davao City’s watershed and according to experts, if it had never erupted it was estimated to be higher than Mt. Apo.

In the summit of Mt. Talomo you can camp there so you will be able to experience sunrise coming from Davao Gulf and majestic view of Mt. Apo with Mt. Matutum at its far side. Also you will see Lipadas water shed and Falls  and Mt. Talomo’s ridge which you will follow upon reaching Apo.

Water source in Talomo peak is only for cooking and washing so you should secure drinking water from the last water source upon reaching the summit and the potable water is on the nearby river along the trail to Apo which is approximately 3 hours descend.

Along the trail to Mt. Apo from Mt. Talomo summit, you’ll experience a very lush forest while following a rolling hunters trail  which seldom used by people and crosses Kabacan River and other small creeks.

Water source in this trail is abundant when you and reach Kabacan River , you’ll have a closer look at its untouched waterfalls and crosses other small creeks on the way to Lake Venado.

When you reach lake Venado , that’s the time you will have a closer look at Mt. Apo Summit and from here it’s your option where to exit. It’s either you use, Sta. Cruz or Kapatagan Trail via Summit passing the boulders  or you can exit at Kidapawan Trail after ascending the summit.

Normally, it would take 4 days and 3 nights if you choose this trail but with stronger climbers you can do it in 3 days and 2 nights which means you have to night trek for the extra miles,,,,,

So, if you want to test you’re toughness and experience a jungle trail that you never experienced before , try climbing Mt. Apo via Talomo trail and conquer two major mountains in the Philippines.

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On the 1st Sunday of February 2012, I was practicing my macro shots using my Nikon D3100 and 180200mm Sigma. For a start butterflies were the subject that I chose a day before as inspired by the Macro shots taken by a friend of mine in Japan ( Ms. Marisol Kudo). In Davao , Butterfly House in Crocodile Park ( owned and operated by Mr. Sonny Dizon) is the best place for this shots,,,,Unfortunately they gave me a free entrance to my project,,,,,,here are the shots I got,,,,,

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Last January 28, 2011 Me and my Mountain Colegue Julius Paner together with Papong , Irvin Joy , and Maam Josephine whom Julius named her the Mother Theresa of Mountaineering climbed Mt. Dulang-dulang in Bukidnon Province to conduct a technical climb and scale its elevation for there a re rumors that it is the 2nd highest Mountain in thge Philippines. On the following day we reach the summit and according to our GPS reading its hieght is 2,947 MASL which is higher by  13 meters compared to Mt. Pulag whose elevation is 2,934 MASL using the same GPS unit which was recorded last October 30,2010.These proves that the two highest mountains in the Philippines is located in Mindanao, Mt. Apo and seconded by Mt. Dulang-dulang.

Three days after we discended Mt. Dulang-dulang , I climbed Mt. Apo togethert with some mountaineers ( HALHALIN, SAMAKA & other Groups) from Manila and Palawann headed by Mr. Edwin Padrilanan using Sta. Cruz-Kiadpawan Traverse Trail. During that climb we were lucky for it didn’t  rain while we are trekking unlike my last Apo climb on January 17,2011  and we had a good view at the boulders. The only thing that I had a glitch on my Face during this climb is that the weather didn’t give me a chance to capture a sunset and surise due to fogs and mists.

Anyway here are some of the photos I took from my cross-over climb between Mt. Apo and Mt. Dulang-dulang,,,,,,,,,Hope you like it.

The Open trail on the way to Mtr. Dulang-dulang

A big step Towards the Entrance to the Boulders

Jungle Trail towards Alanib River

Hand in hand @ the Entrance to the Boulders

Mt. Kalatungan as seen from the Entrance to Mt. Dulang-dulang

Towards the the Boulder Trail

Jagro , our Porter on the Dulang  climb having a Pit stop

Mr Edwin Padrilanan while ascending the Boulders

One of the Scenic View just below Manny’s Garden( Mt. Dulang-dulangs Campsite)

Ascending Packs going to Mini Rock Tower

Mt. Dulang Dulangs Campsite just few meters below the Summit

Encomaprable  View of Mt Apo’s Famous Boulders

Passing the Mossy Forrest while descending from Mt Dulang-dulangs Summit

Malds taking a picture of me  in the Boulders

Mt. Dulang-dulang’s Majestic scenery @ the Summit overlooking Mt. Kitanglad on the left side

Pipoy having a quality with Ruffy our guide Dog in Mt. Apo

A Pause @ Dulang’s Summit

A Moment @ Mt. Apo Summit ( Honey & Andrew)

Trekking Over a Log towards the Water source of Dulang

A Moment @ Lake Venado

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This set of photos were taken @ Tumpis Base Camp during my 1st Mt. Apo Climb of the year,,,,Inspired by Ms. Marisol Kudo and Ms. Rose Bee,,,,,,,,,,Enjoy

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