On the 22nd day January this year I was invited by a Dutch friend who celebrated his B-day in Passig Islet in Sta. Cruz, Davao Sur,,,,,Fortunately in the Gateway to the Islet is a mangrove reserve which interest me to shot its beauty and features,,,,,This were the photos I took,,,,,Enjoy,,,,


When you go to Benguet, Luzon one thing would automatically pops-out in your mind,, Baguio summer capital of the Philippines but when you get there your eyes would extend to the high rise houses because they were built on top of rocky mountains , and who would go there without having a taste of their strawberries,,,and brings you to the strawberry fields in La Trinidad,,,these are some of my shots during my visit there,,,,,,,,

The last time I was here it was Year 2000 which was a disappointing one because the place was over used and lot of rubbish. On November 2011, I returned on the same place but I was amazed since the Place healed itself and return to its pristine condition. Here are some of  its photos that I took,,, Enjoy,,,,









On the Last week of November 2011,, had a work related travel to Luzon, when I was there had a chance to visit the municipalities of  Burgos ( awesome Sunrise and sunset) and Dasol ( Home of Quality Salt both Sun  and Cook Process),,here are some of the photos I took there,,,









Last November 2011, had the opportunity to travel in Lake Sebu, a highland town in South Cotabato inhabited by T’bolis that features a Lake surrounded by rolling hills and mountains with thick forests, Majestic Water Falls and a Zipline that soars above it,,,,,,,Here are some of my Shots,,,,hope you like it,,,,,,
















During my Three days travel to Davao Oriental, I had an opportunity to visit the Municipalty of Manay whose coastal shores are facing the Pacific ,,, and here are the shots I took,,,,Enjoy,,,

Last October , 2011 I was having a field work in Pantukan, Davao Oriental and when I arrived there I saw this people mining Gold in  Kingking River in which they call it Plom-plom style, so I took  the opportunity and pressed my shutter,,,

The very small dark yellow color is the Gold just below the sands,,,,,,in which miners could extract 2-3 Miligrams a day.

During the 1st quarter of this year , there was a time that I had the chance to Climb the Highest Mountain in the Philippines (Mt. Apo) and then visit the White Beaches in Samal Island at night (Sea Grass Beach Resort). Here are the photos I took,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoy

Last Summer Vacation,, I went to visit the Home of my Ancestral Domain ( Malay ,Aklan) to attend our Family reunion. When I arrived there the shoreline is the first place I visited where me and my cousins used to swim, play , look for edible shells and spear fishing  for food………Luckily catch its sun setting and here are some of my shots,,,,,,Enjoy,,,,,,

During this year’s  5thUnity Climb of  Outdoor’s Club Federation of Davao Oriental (OCF-DO) had the chance to Discover the untouched wonders of Davao Oriental. Here are some of it ,,,,,,

Maluwang Falls of Campawan ,Bagangga

Curtain Falls of  Campawan ,Bagangga

Maluwang Falls

Curtain Falls

Tres Marias Water Falls in Taytayan, Cateel

Tayatayan Cave in the Eco-Park, Cateel